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W8HHF FM Repeaters (All 103.5PL): 147.270+ | 224.140- | 442.850+ | 927.025- (131.8PL)
W8HHF Downtown FM Repeater Link TX 147.870 (250.3 PL) and RX 147.270 (103.5 PL)
W8HHF D-Star: 442.750+ | W8HHF Fusion: 146.835- | APRS Digipeater/IGate: 144.390

TMRA Yaesu Fusion Information

August 2015

The club's Yaesu Fusion repeater is on the air. The frequency of 442.850+ will be used. You may use this in FM or DV mode. Please report any issues to the Tech Committee. Also if you have an FM analog only radio and do not wish to hear the digital signal, please change your radio to only listen for FM Tone Squelched audio on a tone of 103.5. Most radios call this RX T-SQL.

The YAESU DR-1 is a digital/conventional FM dual mode repeater that covers the VHF and UHF amateur radio bands. It was developed for use with System Fusion. By replacing our conventional FM repeater with the DR-1 will provide continued use of conventional FM communication while integrating the use of digital communication functions through its unique AMS capability.

Existing peripheral devices such as the duplexer and amplifier, etc., can continue to be used as-is.

The system support the following Modulation Modes: Conventional FM, 12.5 kHz C4FM Digital (V/D Mode, VFR Mode, DFR Mode)

AMS (Automatic Mode Select) function automatically recognizes the signal as C4FM digital or conventional FM, and then the DR-1 repeater retransmits the signal using the preset communications mode.

System Fusion is not compatible with the D-STAR GMSK digital format.

The true benefit of the system to the club is it's ability to replace the current old equipment, while giving hams the benefit of using existing analog technology, and also supporting newer digital formats. All users can co-exist on the same system.

View a Yaesu YouTube promotional video (15 minutes).

View and listen to a sample QSO (4 minutes).


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